USB or not USB.

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USB or not USB.

We now have in stock the fabulous Hunkydory USB Keys.  These are smart custom designed USB memory sticks that contain countless designs that you can print at home for yourself.   

As you will all know, Hunkydory are constantly producing new designs and dropping the old ones.  Once an item goes out of stock, it is seldom that they reprint it.   This is your chance to get hold of those designs again!

To quote Hunkydory themselves "There’s a huge array of styles and artwork included, so there really is something for everyone regardless of age, gender, and interests, and the great variety ensures suitability for so many different occasions and celebrations.  There is also a fantastic range of different items, including Toppers, Inserts, Concept Cards, Card Blanks and much more, so you can craft potentially 100s of cards! With the files included, you can even make 46 different concept cards."

Now that sounds like a bargain if I ever heard one!